How to Order

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Triangle 8.5, Square 8.5, Trivet 6 Shallow Serving Bowls 10, 12, & 14

Cereal Bowl & Mug Serving Bowls Plate 11 & Platter 13

– All of our patterns are available on any of our Blank Shapes. The hand-built nature of our pottery results in minimal size variations.

– All pieces are painted by hand, with minimal variations in patterns.

– All of the bowls and plates are painted both front and back.

– The Gallery photos show the front of each design, with backs indicated in a few of the photos in each portfolio.

– Our turnaround time on orders is usually 2-4 weeks. We have a large inventory in our studio, so choosing from there will give you the faster shipping time.

– Custom Order guidelines: we will work with you to your satisfaction.

– Shapes, Patterns and Wording can all be personalized.

– Design fees will apply and depend on the time involved.

– Prices range from $20 to $100+

– BC tax and GST apply

– Shipping is paid by buyer. We will advise you of shipping options and costs. We can ship worldwide. Insurance is provided by shipping company.

– Payment options include credit, on-line transfers, paypal deposit, or debit and cash on premises.