About Us


About Us

Jeremiah and Micah produce their distinctive line of pottery full-time at Pridham Studio. Owners since 2011, they have established themselves as a creative production team with Jeremiah as the potter and Micah the painter.

Jeremiah throws a variety of shapes on the wheel including mugs, bowls, vases and teapots, with his mugs being one of their top selling items. He also makes a wide range of hand built slab pieces from small side plates to generously large serving bowls working in both earthenware and stoneware bodies. His pieces demonstrate his sensitive attention to detail and technical precision. He is keen to experiment as well as do production; a classic working artist.

Micah is inspired by the worldwide tradition of descriptive hand-painted pottery. Her patterns spring from her BC roots and feature landscapes, animals, and local scenes executed in her personal and heartfelt style. Her “Community Pride” series is available throughout galleries in western Canada. She also does commissioned designs for individual or corporate custom orders. She paints each piece individually, both front and back, using quality glazes. Jeremiah and Micah also have a love for the subtlety of abstract design and power of colour which is the hallmark of their “Slow Cool” series.

Where you can find our work


Creston Card & Stationary
Creston Museum
Creston Valley Wild Life Centre

Crawford Bay

Dog Patch Pottery

Field (Emerald Lake)

Emerald Sports and Gifts

Grand Forks

Gallery 2


Village Arts

Pridham Studio History

Micah’s parents Nancy and David first established Pridham Studio in 1988. The pottery aspect of the studio gradually grew, and by 2011 had become a successful business employing them both full-time supplying pottery for their home gallery, and galleries throughout BC and Alberta. Being home-based, Micah grew up immersed in the business, eager to learn, and by the time she was a teen worked regularly with her parents. After graduating from high school in 2001 Micah and Jeremiah moved together to Victoria to continue their education. Jeremiah became a certified weldor, working in precision metal fabrication, approaching his work always from a creative, refined point of view. Micah received a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. She majored in Costume Design and worked in Theatre, where she honed her design, painting, and business skills. Their careers provided both with a springboard to success in taking over Pridham Studio.
In 2011 Nancy and David were ready to retire, and their great joy was that Micah and Jeremiah were ready to purchase the home and business. The young couple was eager to be self-employed with an artistic, Kootenay based lifestyle and start a family. Pridham Studio went third generation in 2013 with the birth of their daughter Adeline.

About the Pottery

What is it about Pridham Studio pottery that continues to make it so appealing after 20 years? The harmony of art and function, the appealing look and feel of something made by hand, the freshness of new ideas, the quality…. Yes, and it’s also the story that each piece tells. The pieces are reminders of favorite locations, rich holidays, special occasions and pastimes. A nice mug can make your whole day better. Multiple clay bodies are used. Firing is done in electric kilns. All glazes used are non-toxic and food-safe. The work is dishwasher safe and made for everyday use.